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Powering Perth's vehicles and heavy machinery with expert service and care.

From family cars to heavy machinery, we do it all.

We understand that reliable operation of your vehicles and machinery is vital, whether you're navigating city streets or managing a busy mine site. Our skilled team is equipped with advanced technology to handle auto electrical issues across a diverse range of equipment - cars, heavy machinery, mine site equipment, and more.

One-Stop Solution for All Your Needs

Your time is valuable. That's why we offer a wide array of tailored, high-quality services under one roof. Simplify your tasks, and trust in our commitment to meet all your unique needs in an efficient, comprehensive manner.

AutoElectrical Service with a Smile

Dealing with AutoElectrical issues doesn't need to be stressful. Our skilled team delivers expert solutions with a smile, ensuring your AutoElectrical needs are met with warm, approachable, and knowledgeable service.

Comprehensive Service, Single Company

Whether it's maintenance, repairs, or consultations, we've got you covered. We're your single, reliable source for all-around, efficient service. Trust in our commitment to your satisfaction, as we strive to be the company that fulfills all your service needs.

Our work.

At Jestin Auto Electrics, our expertise spans a broad spectrum of auto electrical and mechanical services. Our work encapsulates everything from specialized auto electrical installations for personal vehicles to comprehensive servicing of heavy mobile machinery.

Auto Electrician.
Delivering expert auto electrical solutions tailored to your vehicle's needs.
Auto Air Conditioning and Re-Gas & Repairs.
Comprehensive auto air conditioning services, from re-gassing to intricate repairs ensuring optimal climate control.
Car sound accessories and installation.
Professional installation of car sound accessories for an enhanced audio experience.
Mine site Auto Sparky, specialised and contracting.
Offering specialized electrical expertise for mine sites, from routine maintenance to contractual projects.

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“Professional and quick service - recommend to everyone”


“Had some structural work done by their boilermaker and it was done perfectly”


“Great value work and amazing people to work with.”


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